My Story

My Story

My name is Rick and this is my painful story

Hi everyone I’m Rick and I’m 29 years old. I started to have stomach pain, nausea and burning sensation 4 years ago. Since then I had bad stomach issues. The reason/reasons now I’m aware of, but then I was just like you are, trying to find a way how to heal my stomach and get rid of this nightmare. There are lots of reasons why you may have stomach pain. For example, I’m going to list a few of them:

  1. You have a bacterial infection in your stomach like I did (Helicobacter Pylori)!
  2. You can have peptic ulcers ( I had)!
  3. You eat too much at a very fast rate ( I did)!
  4. You have acid reflux or heartburn (Yep)!
  5. You have sphincter muscle problems (I had that one as well)!
  6. You are taking too much medication that can destroy your digestive flora (Very true)!
  7. Not enough sleep (Well still sometimes I have 😀 )!
  8. Stress at work or at home!
  9. Having hiatus hernia, which may result to GERD -” gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)!
  10. ……..

This list goes on and on, and some people can experience symptoms and never be able to relate those with our stomach problem.

And what doctors did?

Nothing, they diagnose me as persons that suffer from GERD, leaky gut, heartburn, digestive bacteria imbalance and I don’t even remember what other problems they name it, prescribed me 7 Days triple therapy. After the therapy pain and acid reflux came back and the doctor’s advised me to take NEXIUM-esomeprazole and Zantac tablets when I feel the symptoms crawling back.


The point of this site is to help the readers, how to realize that you have a problem and medications are not the way to fix them. I’m not saying that medications will not help you, but face it if the medical industry wanted us to be healthy then why we are getting addicted to their drugs?

I was having multiple problems like ulcers, acid re-flux heartburn, difficulty sleeping, difficulty breathing, coughing and constant sharp pain in my stomach/chest and not just under the ribs but entire stomach area was painful. So I had those medications for a year believing that I will be fine and I had finally sorted all of my problems. Well, they worked very well/excellent until one day when my body completely rejects them and they were not efficient as before, and now I realized I was in big TROUBLE!!.


If you want to get better then keep reading this site because I will post everything I have done too cure myslef.

Stay safe