Black Licorice Tea Health Benefits

Black Licorice Tea Health Benefits

Drinking herbal tea to boost your immune systemBenefits of drinking Herbal Tea


Discover the health benefits of black licorice, green, peppermint and chamomile tea and their healing power. Today we have lots of amazing tea blends on the market. History of the tea is complex and spread across multiple cultures over thousands of years. Consumption of tea originated in China during the Shang dynasty and it was merely used as a medicinal drink. In Britain the tea became popular during the 17th century and the famous afternoon tea ritual was introduced by the Duchess Anna in 1840. And we know the rest of the story when Britain introduced the tea to India only to increase its production and consumption. Today tea is consumed in larger quantities compared to the past. Maybe because people realized that the health benefits of different varieties of tea. There are lots of health benefits drinking tea and this article is all about tea and health.


Benefits of Drinking Right tea

Before drinking discover which brew is the best suited for your needs. Some of the tea blends haveRelax your body and nervous system by drinking black, green, licorice tea unique characteristics and their purpose is to calm us down, provide relaxation relief from stress. We all know nestle slogan have a break, have a kit kat and the same can be said about drinking tea. One of the key ingredients in every tea is antioxidant compound they have. This compound power is to help our body to repair damaged cells and improve chances of never getting hart or Alzheimer disease.


Black Licorice Tea

Licorice tea is the one of the best herbal teas on the market today because of its rich glycyrrhizic Black Licorice Tea Health benefits for stomach, stress, anxiety and acid refluxcompound. This compound is powerful for soothing gastrointestinal stomach problems like acid reflux, heartburn,GERD and Ulcers. You can read full article about licorice tea and its 22 Health benefits here: Licorice Tea

Today there are lots of different tea blends that can boost our health. And black licorice tea is one of them. Let’s talk a little about black tea. Both black and green tea is made from a shrub called Camellia Sinesis the only difference is the processing methods of oxidation and fermentation. Black tea is superb tea for our oral health keeping us away from the plaque and eliminates bacteria growth. Drinking 3 cups of black tea according to the researches will reduce the risk of stroke by 20 percent. Antioxidant compound found in the black and green tea will block DNA cell damage. Phytochemicals compound is essential for supporting bone structure and lowering down the risk of developing arthritis. Drinking black tea will also improve our digestive system and boost immunity. Studies showed that black tea can reduce the stress level by acting on cortisol hormones (stress level hormone). And when you combine this tea with the licorice you can just imagine health benefits. Licorice will help you heal all of your stomach problems like digestion, acid reflux, bacterial infection and the black tea can support the entire process by boosting the immune system and prevent cell damage.


Chamomile tea (Matricaria Recutita):

One of the best tea for problems like stress and anxiety is chamomile tea. This tea is very good for chamomile tea for anxiety, insomnia, skin inflamationbattling stress and anxiety and will help people with sleep problems and insomnia. The chamomile tea is working well by relaxing muscles and providing support to our nervous system. Chamomile tea can be used as topical medication that can be applied on the inflamed skin and mucous membrane. People that suffered from respiratory tract problems can use the chamomile tea steam and inhale it. By doing this people will successfully treat problems like chest wheezing. German chamomile flower is approved for treating bacterial skin infections and oral gum infections as well.


Chamomile Method of preparation

Add 2-3 tablespoons dry chamomile in 8 ounces of boiling water. Allow to Steep for 5 minutes and strain it before drinking. If you are using fresh chamomile flowers, then add them into a pot of hot water and leave it for around 3 minutes before straining them.


Green Tea (Camella Sinensis)

Another great tea for stress relief is the green tea. According to the research drinking 3-5 cups a day Green tea for stress, anxiety best addition for coffewill help to reduce stress levels by 20 percent. The polyphenol compound found in the green tea helps to combat anxiety and stress. Green and the black tea is same tea just the process of oxidation and fermentation is different. The green tea is not processed as much as the black tea and that is why they retain their fresh green color. Green tea contains caffeine and with the help of the amino acid, it will give you caffeine boost and can aid the level of concentration. If you are a coffee drinker than green tea will be a great addition. Because green tea is popular today, there are plenty green tea varieties like Lemon, Pear & Honey, Lime & Ginger, Cranberry, and Peppermint. Some companies even extracted the caffeine from the green tea and created Decaf Green.

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Green tea Method of preparation

In one cup of water, add one full teaspoon of powdered green tea leaves. Boil the water together with the leaves and leave them to settle to the bottom. Strain the tea leaves before drinking.

Peppermint Tea scientific name (Mentha Piperita)

Peppermint for stomach, pain, inflammation, digestionPeppermint tea is one of the most popular tea varieties in the world. It is famous for its refreshing taste and numerous healing benefits. This tea can help you with problems like stomach pain, digestion, stress, inflammation, cure bad breath and boost entire immune system. This aromatic, caffeine free tea is delicious and works well to reduce the stress levels and provide anxiety relief. Peppermint tea is an infusion made from the peppermint leaves. Many people are drinking this tea because they suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and they prefer to drink it after meals. According to one study peppermint tea can increase the level of concentration and increase people’s alertness because the scent of peppermint will stimulate brain’s memory center. The menthol in peppermint is good for sinus relief and is great as a natural muscle relaxant and natural decongestant.

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Peppermint tea Method of preparation

In 8 ounces boiling water, add one full tablespoon of peppermint tea leaves. Allow to steep for 3 minutes leave them to settle to the bottom. Strain the tea leaves before drinking.


Which one is your favorite type of tea? After reading this article are you willing to try new tea to improve your health? Write comment below.

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