Stomach Pain Relief Medicine – Widely Used PPIs

Stomach Pain Relief Medicine – Widely Used PPIs

Proton Pump Inhibitor PPIs Medication Side Effects

Before healing your stomach lining and leaky gut first you need to know about PPI medication and their use. What happens when these drugs stop working or their prolonged use take its toll.

Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) are medication that reduces the production of acid in the stomach by blocking the enzymes that are in the stomach. If any of the patients are exposed to prolonged period of acid in our stomach, they will most likely develop ulcers in the stomach. With the help of PPIs the stomach acid is decreased and because of that, ulcers will be healed or prevented them from growing, becoming more dangerous and transform into cancer. This PPIs medication will help heal the stomach lining. But what about their side effects? Because PPIs block the cell that suppose to produce acid in our bodies, we are vulnerable to other bacterial infection. When the person’s body doesn’t have enough acid, will it kill all the bacteria we are entering when eating? No. There is no reason we should stop our cell to produce the natural amount of acid. We have to find a way how to heal our stomach and let the body and cells to produce the right amount of acid because we need it.

Nexium or omeprazole are ones of most common used drugs!

PPIs in combination with H2 Blockers

If the patient is diagnosed with ulcers that are caused by the H pylori infection, then the doctor will prescribe PPIs together with H2 blockers. H2 blockers are safer, meaning they prevent the stomach from producing too much acid. But H2 blockers side effects are also there. If patient takes H2 blockers, then his stomach acid may become too low and the food will not be digested . Patients can have different stools because of this medication, and low stomach acid will do more harm to us than good.

What causes stomach ulcers?

Stomach ulcers can be caused by several factors, but most likely is associated with the bacteria known as Helicobacter Pylori. If a person is exposed to extended use of anti-inflammatory drugs, then he needs to deal with their consequences and side effects. Anti-inflammatory medications side effects can be many, but they cause stomach ulcers. Some patients are more sensitive to them compared with others, but there are risks associate and people should be know them. Smoking and having constant stress and anxiety can significantly contribute to the creation of ulcers. People that smoke and drink can develop more ulcers than people that have a healthy lifestyle.

PPIs Medications for Treating Ulcerative Colitis

PPIs are known to treat ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative Colitis is a disease that is characterized by inflammation in the rectum or the lower part of the colon but, sometimes that inflammation can be spread across the entire intestine.

Try Heal Your Stomach Using Natural Remedies

If you are reading this site, then you will probably know that PPIs and H2 blockers are not the right medications for us. People need to stop our their bad habits and start changing their entire lifestyle if they want to accomplish optimal results. If you read my story on the top menu you will find that I have taken these medications for prolonged periods and that caused me more troubles and sleepless nights than ever before.

PPIs will make your body addicted to them and eventually they will stop working.

Nexium Isn’t Working Anymore!

Eventually nexium will stop working for anyone, and after months of using them I had to find out that my stomach acid is back. But there must be a good reason for this and we need to find a solution how to heal stomach lining naturally. Because I have been used to small amount of stomach acid for a while, I mean my body and stomach was used to have no pain at all, even if I ate pizza and hamburgers, then when they stopped working I knew I had a serious problem. My reflux, sharp pain and bloating, burning and pain under the ribs had been just horrible and unbearable. So the problem is when omeprazole isn’t working anymore for us.

Natural Treatment Is The Best Treatment  For Us

So after reading online and gathering information from forums on the internet I used healthy food recipes only and monitoring my progress. I started by drinking first the supplementsPeppermint stomach pain listed in my previous post and yes, I have bought and used each of them. Then I changed my diet completely. It was an investment buying all of the supplements but it turned out they worked better than PPIs and most importantly there were no side effects. I will publish my guide how to take them together together with good balanced diet. In this diet you can eat pretty much everything and enjoy your life again, just you have to be careful when you eat it and what you can eat. Today I don’t use PPIs or H2 blockers thanks to my diet and supplements. I have taken no medications or drugs couple of years now, and my acid reflux, ulcers, pain, bloating, vomiting, sore throat, esophagus and gut are cured.

Read our Reviews for best natural remedies for healing all above symptoms.

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